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We noticed that clients have many of the same questions, so we put together this section to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, maybe your’s is here too.

What is our turnaround time with photography?

Our typical turnaround for photography is 24 business hours. Appointments scheduled on a Friday, the images will be delivered on the following Monday, unless otherwise requested. 

What type of virtual tour do we offer?

We offer Matterport virtual tours. You can see examples by clicking this link: Our Matterport tours are able to include the exterior as well.

How to schedule services

We make scheduling really simple. You can either click the “schedule now” button in the top menu, or use this link:

All of your orders are housed in your client portal that you will create when you schedule services. 

How many photos will you receive?

We understand that every property is different, and should be captured as such. Properties on the smaller side will receive 25-30 images, properties that are medium to large will receive 60 plus images. 

What As-Built services do we offer?

Our As-Built services include site documentation for code violation/correction, site documentation to create official blueprints, sketch to plans services, and more.

Have Questions?

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We want to hear from you. Start a conversation about your project or listing, Ask a question about our process, Or request a quote. We will reply back within our business hours. 

Need to speak with us now? Give us a call or send a text for a faster response. You can call or text us (510) 606-4820. Need to send an email along with documents? You can send us an email at:

Our project managers are available for virtual meetings to have in-depth conversations about your project or listing. We can meet with you via Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams. Send us a message and we will get the meeting scheduled.

Our Ai chat friend Phoenix can quickly answer most if not all the questions you have, from service info, to providing a quote. If you need information that Phoenix cannot answer, you can opt to chat live with us during business hours.

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